Writing Do’s and Don’ts: Coming Up With Your Idea

J.N. Cahill :

Hey guys. Please be patient with me as I slowly change this blog over to the new posting schedule.

I thought I would start off the first “writing do’s and don’ts” at the beginning–coming up with the idea for your book. Here are some tips that help me to find new ideas:


1. Look around your world for inspiration.

I began Whispertown after a discussion on abortion. Shades of Genesis is based on parents I used to know. Creeper is based on a real event that happened to someone I know. You never know what can inspire your writing. Many stories are based on real events such as these.

2. Write what interests (or frustrates) you.

I find that I have the most success with writing when I write about something that interests me. So if something really grabs your heart, write about it. Be passionate. You can also…

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