5 Tips on How to Create and Design Book Cover

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5 tips how to create and design book cover

1: The Right Tools

First step is to get the right tools for the job. Creating a cover in Word or Paint is the biggest NO NO you can do. It will look amateurish and people will see straight through it.

I use Photoshop, but it’s an expensive programme. Free alternatives like Gimp or Inkscape get good reviews, but I urge you to do your research and demo everything first.

Using the right tools is important. A cover may seem simple, but they rarely are.

2: Think Outside Of The Box

Get creative and have fun with the process. In the beginning allow your mind to wander and consider the most whacky and out-there concepts you can. It’s okay, you can rein it in later, but to start with you should let your creative juices flow.

This opens up your mind and gets you excited. In my experience this leads to some cool-ass designs.

3: Bring It Together

Once you’ve had your creative fun, bring it all together and simplify the process. Consider your Author Brand (what colours do you use, font, style, etc) and most importantly, your book.

You know your story better than anyone. What can you demonstrate on the cover that shares the entire premise in an instant? This is where you may have the upper hand over a professional.

4: Research!

Once you have a concept you’re happy with, put it to one side and head online. Read sites like The Book Designer and spend an hour on Amazon studying the covers in your genre.

“What stands out?

How do the cover come together?

What role do text and images play?

You may have a good concept at this point, but I’m certain it can be improved by abiding to some rules set by those who know what they’re doing.

5: Involve Others

Finally, don’t dare release this cover without involving other people. My suggestion is to create at least three versions and email them to your readers, reach out to a few respected books designers, and upload your ideas to a community of some kind.

Original article via How To Design Your Book Cover – No Experience Necessary
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