Defining Intelligence

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The mind is essentially supernatural. It has the capacity to emit communicative signals that can be received by other minds. These emissions are like radio signals. Transmitted signals can be received by another mind even at a very far distance. In everyday communication language is the medium of transmission. Intuition is also used. But telepathic communication is more frequently engaged in than we admit to, or recognize.

Witchcraft and spiritualists often try to make contact with other minds. The intensely focused mind is capable of achieving inexplicable results. Hypnosis involves the hypnotist getting another mind to sleep and then link into that unconscious mind. There is an incredible amount of information stored in the unconscious mind.

Every person has an extrasensory transmission and an extrasensory perception faculty.  This is what some call the 6th sense. This extrasensory ability is a mental power. It is capable of tuning into another person’s mental…

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