10 Tips For Editing What You Write

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There is a time for writing, and there is a time for editing. Don’t do both at once otherwise you’ll become too critical about what you wrote.

More great tips from writetodone. This time on the tricky topic of how to edit what you write.

  1. Never trust your spell checker.
  2. Show what you write to a trusted friend for feedback.
  3. Edit, and edit again.
  4. When in doubt, cut it out.
  5. Read your stuff aloud to anyone who can stand it – including the cat.
  6. Go back and cut 10% from your word count.
  7. Kill clunky sentences.
  8. Don’t be afraid to cut out a line that seemed brilliant when you wrote it but really doesn’t add much.
  9. Put on your reviewer hat and write a review of your own article or story.
  10. Take a break between writing and editing.

And finally the golden rule of editing:

Love your words when…

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